Turbo 400

New ST400 Pro-Mod - Big Shaft 400s !

We are now offering large shaft ST400s (Super Turbo) in both 3 speed & 2 speed versions, these 400s are now able to withstand the most brutal combinations from Big CI Multi Stage N2O,  Screw/Roots Blown Alky, ProCharger Gas or Alky, Big CI Twin Turbo Gas & Twin Turbo Alky !

ST400 Pro-Mod 3 speed
Gear Ratios - 2.48/1.48 - 2.33/1.48 - 2.21/1.44 - 2.10/1.40 - 2.00/1.36 - 1.95/1.34 - 1.86/1.31

ST400 Pro-Mod 2 Speed
Gear Ratios - 1.56 - 1.48 - 1.44 - 1.40 - 1.36 - 1.34 - 1.31

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Turbo 400 with Trans Brake

This transmission is available in 2 speed, 3 speed & 3 speed w/ 2nd gear leaver. The 2nd gear leaver option is something that can give you the best of both worlds. It can be used to race both 1/4 mile & 1/8 mile without major combination changes or it can be use as a tuning aid on tricky track surfaces or when conditions are just not that favorable. Which ever way you choose it gives you options that can produce staggering results without sacrificing reliability !



2 Speed Turbo 400

This transmission has been tested in very extreme applications & has showed great results with unmatched performance / reliability !

Our 2 speed 400's are built with all the same no corners cut process. This transmission has yet to reach it's full potential as ever evolving technology has brought us to new levels of performance, so has the 2 speed 400!
34G20Extreme Spragless                          

34G10 Standard

3 speed 400
Our full race Turbo 400 starts with a hand picked specific core. For models with an Ultra-Bell the case is cut & machined to our specs. For models with standard bells we only use H.D. cases to keep strength in all the critical areas & then machine them accordingly.

From there it's a long no corners cut process to build one of the best 3 speeds available. This is where our years of R&D are able to supply you with the best possible combination for your specific application. Our standard race 400 w/brake is equipped with a cast iron trans brake valve body & can be upgraded to a billet aluminum trans brake valve body w/internal solenoid. From there all gear sets are completely checked & machined to our tolerances with all new torrington bearings standard throughout. Base models will be equipped with a cast direct drum that is refurbished & fitted with an oversized sprag race , then drilled with additional feed holes. We then completely modify the pump & lube circuit to our specifications. All of our transmissions get Raybestos & Borg Warner clutches throughout. From this point is where the options just begin.


1) 4340 Input Shaft & Drum Assembly
2) 4340 Intermediate Shaft
3) Billet Aluminum Direct Drum
4) 2.10/1.40 Gear Set
5) 1.95/1.34 Gear Set
6) 1.86/1.31 Gear Set
7) 4T80/Northstar Sprag Drum Assembly
8) 4340 Billet Steel Intermediate Pressure Plate
9) Billet Steel Forward Hub
10) "Super Shaft" Input Shaft & Drum Assembly - Available in Cast, Billet Steel & Billet Aluminum

Billet Turbo 400 Drum Assembly Avalible in Sprag & Spragless
Turbo 400 Billet Drum                           

Alum. Drum/Super Sprag Set              

Steel Drum/Super Sprag Set

JW Ultra-Bell

Input Shaft / Drum & Intermediate Shafts Options
300M Input & Drum                       

300M Input & Aluminum Drum
Aerospace Shaft & Drum                

Aerospace Shaft & Aluminum Drum

300M Intermediate Shaft                   

Aerospace Intermediate Shaft


Gear Set Options

  • 2.10/1.40 4 pin Helical                          
  • 2.75/1.57  6 pin Helical
  • 2.98/1.56 Straight Cut                         
  • 2.10/1.40 Straight Cut
  • 1.86/1.31 Straight Cut                           
  • 1.95/1.34 Straight Cut


Transmission Pan Options

  •  Cast Aluminum Pan                              
  •  Moroso Fabricated Pan