Power Glide

PowerGlide Transmission


Our full race Power Glide Transmissions are available in many different build ups.Our base Power Glides start with a hand picked core. The case then receives a complete overview to ensure strength & durability,it is then modified & machined for each specific application. Our SFI case power glides start with either a Reid 1pc or modular case/bell , JW case/bell combo or ATI case/bell combo & then receives the same overview to ensure top quality before assembly. All gear sets are completely disassembled, checked & reassembled in house to our tolerances. Every build up receives complete bearing upgrades to keep all tolerances up to our specifications. The direct drum receives a complete overhaul. It is machined, finished & fitted with a steel hub to withstand pass after pass reliability. Our race pumps are given a complete makeover to ensure proper gear life & durability. All of our race pumps receive a new SONNAX stator tube that is drilled & tapped, thus completely securing it to the pump body to prevent twisting or movement. All of our glides receive a pro-brake & can be upgraded or changed to accommodate your specific needs. Line pressure will be set for your specific application to give you the best possible reliability available. All of our glides get a band that is designed for that specific application along with a dual ring servo to guarantee ultimate holding power in low gear. Our standard race glide receives a 300M input shaft. To finish this off we install a deep aluminum pan & from here is where the upgrades begins:


1) Upgrade to Griner billet aluminum valve body (.006 release time)
2) Wide band, Kevlar, Red Lined & Carbon Lined
3) Aftermarket tail housing w/roller bearing or w/Teflon bushing
4) Gear sets - 1.76 vasco/helical - 1.80 straight cut - 1.69 straight cut
5) Upgrade input Ringless Aerospace
6) Aftermarket high capacity high gear drum

          JW Case  Glide
         Reid Case Glide
           Reid Case Glide
   Stock Case / Cut For Bell
      300 M Output Shaft
        Shorty Gear Set
      Gears W/ Sun Gear
                Steel Hub

Hardened Band Pin                                  Dual Ring Servo

Moroso Fab. Alum. Pan                             Cast Aluminum Pan



PowerGlide Input Shafts
Aerospace Ring Style                              Aerospace Ringless
 300M Ring Style 1.82 & up                   300M Ring Style 1.80/1.69


Reid Case Options
         Reid 1 pc. Case                                       1pc Case W/Liner
2 pc Case W/Out Liner                                 2 pc Case Rear


Bell Housing & Tail Housing Options

Big Block Ford                                  Small Block Ford 164 T

            Modular Ford                                      Buick, Pontiac, Olds
          Big Block Mopar                                     Small Block Mopar
                Chevy                                                Reid Tail Housing