• Bruder Brothers

    Bruder Brothers

    2016 x275 World Record Holders with a 4.37

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  • Kevin Fiscus

    Kevin Fiscus

    2015 PDRA Pro-Boost World Champion

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  • Josh Kluger

    Josh Kluger

    2016 NMCA Mile Per Hour Record Holder

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  • Brad Edwards

    Brad Edwards

    First Drag Radial to Run in the 3's

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  • Dean Marinis

    Dean Marinis

    x275: 4.41/158 Pro Mod: 3.730/202.79

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  • Kevin Mullins

    Kevin Mullins

    3.96 @ 200 Previous Radial World Record Holder

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  • David Pearson

    David Pearson

    Outlaw 275 World Record 4.11 @ 174 mph

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