About PRT

In the early 90′s when the “street car shoot out” & heavy weight door cars were quickly becoming the hottest type of racing around, the need for superior automatics was now an issue.  This was the starting point for us to achieve our goal.  Throughout the mid to late 90′s things progressed to a point where durability was the next task at hand.  This led us to the constant testing with research & development of new products to achieve our goal, thus providing you with the latest technology & best possible parts available.  In early 2000 through the present we have rededicated ourselves to even more R&D to ensure top quality with extreme durability to all of our products so that nothing is overlooked. This is our commitment to you.

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our mission

Our mission is to build you the best possible racing transmissions! To do that we use the best parts available for superior track tested performance & reliability.

~ Dave Klaput (F.RIZZO)

the crew

PRT Team

Dave Klaput, Steven Wardlow, Doug Skinner